Litigation Support

We have a specialized litigation support unit to assist the procedural strategy outlined by law firms and/or corporate legal teams.

We also provide direct support to individuals affected by legal proceedings.


Our seasoned consultants accumulate an experience of over 20 years assisting clients in delivering their strategic aims through all stages of the litigation process in complex, high-value disputes. Our expert team works closely alongside legal teams, judicial instances, and experts across different areas including the legal sector and the media.

Marlow’s Litigation Support service covers two main areas that may be independent or complementary, based on the needs of the case:

Process Management and

Public Communications Management


Process Management


Data room creation and management to facilitate access to case files.

Audiovisual data room creation and management including appearances during the process.

Transcription services of the appearances.

Analysis and extraction of documental data to support the defense basis.


Coordination of the various teams that intervene during the judicial process and work systematization of the procedural strategy.

Identification of experts.

Coordination of the production of experts’ reports.

Advisory for litigation funding search.

Public Communications Management

Design of strategic communication plans that guarantee top-notch reputation management through any adversity.

Adaptation of technical and legal language into solid and convincing stories with clear, rigorous, and understandable messages for key audiences.

Media relations.

Deployment of specific online strategies.

Development of reputation recovery plans.

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