Creative Studio

We all make better decisions and achieve greater credibility when information is simplified. In a landscape where visuals predominate and media formats spread, the rules of the game in the world of marketing, communications and visual identity have shifted.


Conveying leadership and differentiation means adapting to this new reality. It requires multidisciplinary creative professionals to ensure that all audiences are reached with all available tools.

Marlow’s Creative Studio works to strengthen the level of influence and boost the reputation of organizations and individuals. We achieve so by developing intuitive visual structures that help convey messages clearly and accurately, but also in a persuasive and engaging way.

We create and design intelligent, flexible, and responsive websites and communication materials that visualize your messages in a convincing way.

Because projecting the right image through adequate channels translates into clear positioning and profitability for organizations.


Marketing and Communication

Creativity and strategic design of multichannel materials.

Corporate reporting edition: annual reports and corporate documents.

Data visualization: infographics and motion graphics.

Email Marketing.

Content creation: Branded Content and Brand Journalism.

Storytelling and copywriting.

Video production.

Events creativity: press conferences, shareholder meetings, commercials.


Interface design: websites and mobile applications.

UI / UX: information architecture and user experience.

Programming and development: responsive interaction and usability.

Online positioning strategies: SEO and SEM.

Web analytics and metrics: monitoring and evaluation of results.

Digital reputation audits.

Social networks: content curator / community management.


Brand development: logo, naming and iconography.

Brand activation: digital and offline identity architecture.

Coordinated visual identity systems.

Brand books: development of corporate identity manuals.

Brand guardianship: brand consistency and coherence through all its expressions.

Environment design: graphic setting and signage.

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