Marlow is a consulting firm specializing in Public Affairs, Communications and Litigation Support.

But we go much further: we help organizations and their leaders navigate current challenges with clarity and effectiveness in order to keep their objectives on course for success.

With our projects…

We address critical and structural issues in key sectors:

sustainability — energy — finance — technology — industry — mobility — talent management — healthcare — culture.

We contribute to protect the interests of dozens of clients and help strengthen their business.

We train leaders from the public and private sector in public exposure excellence and have an accumulated experience of more than 4,000 success stories.

We assist companies or individuals in their legal and media strategies in high-impact litigation cases.

Our clients…

They operate in 120 countries.

They generate more than 5,000 direct jobs in Spain and 30,000 worldwide.

They understand that managing their reputation is strategic to differentiate themselves and grow.

We have the human talent and the tools to:

Design and implement influence plans to defend the interests of our clients in the public decision-making space.

Deploy high-impact actions to protect and enhance the reputation of organizations and their executives.

Manage complex and highly confidential cases that require precise intervention.

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